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About US

Unconventional Lapidarist is dedicated to looking for new, unusual, and exotic rough so that we can provide unique one of a kind cabs and rough material.

A little history… James and Cindy met in August of 2000 at the Santa Cruz Gem and Mineral Society meeting in Santa Cruz, California. Cindy was President of the club at the time. James brought in cabs to show what he does and the two started to share their passion for rocks in all forms. The following week the club was going on a field trip to Clear Creek to hunt for jadeite and California’s state gem stone, benitoite, and Cindy invited James to participate in the field trip. They became inseparable from that point on. It became very clear that they shared the same passion which made it easy to blend both of their strengths together to create a gem business. At the time, James was a software engineer and Cindy was an Admissions officer at a community college but they gave those jobs up and committed 100% to the gem business in 2002. The rest is, as they say, history.